Steve Surrette

For several years, Steve was Intapp’s Technical Product Manager for Intapp Walls (formerly Wall Builder) which included managing the Activity Tracker and Matter Team Manager modules. Prior to that, he implemented Intapp Walls at over 35 firms as an Intapp Solution Engineer. When it comes to Intapp Walls, he has seen it all and can use that expertise to help you get the most out of the product, while keeping projects as smooth as possible.
Jeff Armbrecht

Jeff Armbrecht
Vice President, Services

Jeff has led multiple Open and Flow implementation teams and is a world class expert in Intapp Integrate (formerly known as Integration Builder) technology. Jeff has over ten years of Legal industry experience and has previously served in multiple roles at Intapp including Product Management, Solution Engineering Management, Customer Care and Solution Architecture.

Austin Chambers
Chief Technology Officer

As Director of Engineering at Intapp, Austin led the design and engineering of Intapp Experience. During his nine years at Intapp, he also managed development of Intapp Terms and Intapp Walls. He is currently working with select clients to explore how Inflection IT can support their needs with new innovations.

Bob Fishel
Director of Time Practice

Bob leads Inflection IT’s Time Management Practice. Applying his extensive experience in legal IT infrastructure and deep knowledge of Intapp Time, Bob works with firms to scope and execute successful time management product implementations and upgrades, as well as cloud migration and training projects.


Sarina Bewley
Solution Architect

Sarina has over three years of experience as a Solution Engineer and has deployed Intapp Walls at dozens of law firms of all sizes. Prior to joining Inflection IT, she worked in the IT industry for over four years. She has a background in Industrial Engineering and uses that knowledge to ensure the product is implemented quickly and with a high level of quality.


Max Garcia
Director of Conflicts and New Business Intake

As a former Solution Architect at Intapp, Max has designed and implemented complex workflows using the full Intapp Stack. He spearheaded the New Product Implementation effort with Lateral Hire and Intapp Terms, and is a leading expert in taking existing Open on-premise customers to the cloud. At Inflection IT, Max is constantly developing processes that enhance the Project Implementation Experience. Whether you are an engineer, a business lead, or an executive, Max can help you customize a solution that maximizes productivity and minimizes pain.

Corinna Malin
Risk Management Subject Matter Expert

Corinna is a trusted advisor with over twenty years of risk, business and IT consulting expertise providing thought leadership, business analysis and project management services. Corinna has focused on the redesign and implementation of risk management solutions for the past thirteen years working with more than 25 law firms of all sizes. She has specialized in Intapp OnePlace for Risk (formerly known as Intapp Intake, Conflicts and Terms) for the past seven years and brings a wealth of best practices and lessons learned guidance to our clients.

Praj Kulkarni
Director of Walls Practice

As a Solution Engineer for two years, Praj implemented Intapp Walls, Activity Tracker, and Matter Team Manager at over thirty law firms ranging in size from 150 to 4,000 attorneys. Praj then served as the Intapp Customer Success Manager for Intapp Walls where in addition to providing technical and data governance consulting, Praj advised the General Counsel at some of the world’s largest law firms on how they could mitigate risk and meet their contractual obligations.

Kevin Johnson
Solution Engineer

Kevin is a Solution Engineer in the Walls Practice at Inflection IT. He has over four years of experience as a Technical Solutions Engineer at Intapp, focusing on Intapp Walls implementations and upgrades. He also brings in-depth experience in document management systems and is well versed in integrating Intapp systems into unique firm environments.

Kevin Mandich
Solution Engineer

Kevin gained expertise in the Walls, Time, and Integrate products while working as an Intapp Solution Engineer. His experience with these products, coupled with an engineering background, enable him to ensure smooth project life cycles and to provide solutions to unique and challenging requirements.

Alan Westley
Director of Business Automation

As a former Solution Engineer, Business Operations Specialist, and Instructional Designer / Technical Trainer at Intapp, Alan has over eight years of Intapp experience. He implemented multiple products, including Walls, Time, and Open as well as developed the Intapp University curriculum and led multiple training classes. At Inflection IT, Alan is working on business automation tools and integrations to help ensure that your projects are seamless and efficient, as well as leading CIDs and trainings.