Client Reflections on Inflection IT

Our singular focus on Intapp makes an ideal partner for your service and training needs. Our team is staffed by expert, seasoned legal IT veterans, most of whom have previously worked at Intapp. So we have a deep and unique understanding of Intapp products and technologies.

But Don't Take Our Word for It

Like a growing number of law firms, we’ve adopted “Net Promoter Score” (NPS) as a metric to measure the overall satisfaction of our own clients. With NPS, asking a simple question — “On a scale of 1–10, how likely are you to recommend us to a colleague?” — generates a strikingly accurate picture of where an organization truly stands in the eyes of clients.

Which is why we’re so proud to share that best on a recent, comprehensive client survey: Inflection has earned a Net Promoter Score exceeding 95%.

Of course, that’s our rating today. But it’s a pretty high mark. And it’s pushing us to continue investing in delivering great service, in growing our team, and in expanding capabilities — so tomorrow’s results will be the same.

Client Observations and Expressions :

Financial Systems Manager,
300-lawyer Southeast firm

“Inflection IT offers exceptional service… what I value most is [their] business process knowledge.”

“You are my preferred Intapp service provider. We’re very glad to have Inflection IT as a partner.”

Applications Manager,
200-lawyer Northwest firm

System Administrator,
175-lawyer national trial firm

“My experience with Inflection IT has been very useful, valuable and positive beginning with assistance on a Walls upgrade (CompliGuard Protect to Intapp Walls) as well as continued ongoing support.”

“Easy to work with. Simple billing.”

IT Director,
300-lawyer national firm

Applications Manager,
400-lawyer East Coast firm

“We have used Inflection IT for several projects — Intapp Walls upgrade, Intapp Integrate training, Intapp Time upgrade, and Intapp Total Time Capture implementation — to name a few. Overall, the experience has been great.”

“It was a true pleasure working with Inflection IT on our recent Intapp Open project… [the team] always provided knowledgeable assistance when needed, quality development and deployment to production, and on-site support/assistance when we needed it. Kudos… for a job well done.”

Applications Administrator,
800-lawyer international firm