We are the Worldwide Walls Expert
Intake is In Our Blood (Conflicts Too)
We (Work)Flow & Integrate
Taming Time (Cloud, On-premises & Migrations)
Pricing & New Solutions

Inflection IT Professional Services

We Only Implement Intapp. Which makes us an ideal partner for your Intapp service and training needs.

We live and breathe Intapp. It’s at the core of everything we do. Our team is staffed by experts, most whom have previously worked at Intapp — we are familiar faces, ready to reconnect with and support you.

Our team has a deep understanding of the broad range of Intapp products and technologies. (In fact, we’ve designed and built a few of them…) 

And we have direct relationships with the teams still building and supporting them, so we’re well-versed in product roadmaps, bug fixes, and best practices.

We are a boutique, offering tailored services and a high level of touch and interaction. But we also work at volume and scale — with 250 Intapp projects under our belt. Along the way, we’ve built our own custom software tools to speed and streamline project management, deployment, and QA/testing.

We’re ready to put our experience to work for you.

We are the Worldwide Walls Expert

Whether you’re looking to implement Walls, upgrade an existing system or understand the best ways to adopt and configure its more sophisticated information security models, we offer unique perspective and expertise.
We’ve deployed Intapp Walls at over one hundred firms and have built proprietary tools and real-world understanding that enable us to scope and execute these projects with unmatched precision and efficiency.
Access our self-service, online Intapp Walls Estimator to outline your project and receive a fixed-fee services estimate for your project (typically within 24 hours).

Our Walls Services

  • Implementations, Upgrades & Module Adds
  • Express Upgrade​​
  • Best Practices Consulting
  • Process Review to Identify Automation Opportunities
  • Compliguard Protect Migratio​ns
  • Customized Training (Live, Remote or eLearning)
  • Renumbering Projects / Mergers

Intake is In Our Blood

(Conflicts Too)

Inflection IT has extensive experience executing both the business process and technical requirements of Intapp Intake and Conflicts implementations and upgrades.

Whether you’re interested in scoping a brand new initiative or updating an existing workflow or process, we’re ready to support you. We also offer tailored end-user and administrator training.

And we are cloud experts — we supported the earliest cloud implementations and have significant expertise in navigating options and opportunities that path offers (including deep experience with Intapp’s REST APIs).

Our Intake & Conflicts Services

  • Collaborative Workflow Development
  • Open Conflicts Implementation
  • Open Intake Implementation
  • Workflow & Form Development

We (Work)Flow, Integrate & IIS

We know your systems, we know your data. Whether you’re looking to make workflow work better, or integrate data across systems, we can help. We also offer expert training to help develop in-house skills.

Our Flow Services

  • Collaborative Workflow Development
  • Use Case Focused Flow Development
  • Open Conflicts Implementation
  • Open Intake Implementation
  • Workflow & Form Development

Our Integrate Services

  • Collaborative Integration Development (CID)
  • Purpose Built Integration Development
  • Integrate Admin and Developer Training
  • SmartLink (eCounsel) Integration Support

Taming Time

(Cloud, On-premises & Migrations)

Until AFAs eat the world (and even after), tracking time will remain critical to the effective operation and management of every law firm. We help firms deploy the Intapp Time offering (on premises or in the cloud) and migrate from legacy tools.

Our Time Services

  • Time Entry and Time Capture upgrades
  • Additional Time Capture module implementation
  • Migration of existing Time Capture modules
  • Customization integrations

Pricing & New Solutions

We’re actively engaged in supporting firms adopting Intapp Pricing and other new products. 

Given Intapp’s track record, we know that these solutions are soon to be industry standards, and we’re ready to help you adopt the best of breed.