Don't let the rapid growth of your firm bog down the performance of your production systems. Loop-based timestamp syncs were once the industry standard, but as data sets increase in size, source and target data will inevitably begin to diverge. Weekly full audits often take hours or days, involving multiple queries per record against live source systems and updates to records that don't need updating.

Differential syncs quickly and lightly scan all the records in a given data set every single time, removing all doubt that any changes were missed. Records that don't need updating won't be updated. In the steady state (after the initial load of source data), the elapsed time of a differential sync rivals the timestamp based loop syncs.  For example, a full differential sync for all entity types deployed at a large law firm with over 1 million matters ran in less than 30 minutes in the steady state.

For all their benefits, differential syncs can be complex, finicky and opaque. Inflection IT has turned sync into a lightweight and deterministic function that runs based simple, user provided parameters.  Business users have never had more insight into their data syncs.

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