Time Services & Consulting

We are Experts in Intapp Time

Our singular focus on Intapp makes an ideal partner for your service and training needs. Our team is staffed by expert, seasoned legal IT veterans, most of whom have previously worked at Intapp. So we have a deep and unique understanding of Intapp products and technologies.

Intapp Time is not a single product, but a solution with a complex history and architecture. Whether your firm is new to Intapp Time, migrating your system from on-premises to the latest cloud offering, or upgrading from a previous generation (DTE, Time Builder, Rekoop, or legacy modules), we can help.

As a lawyer-facing technology, vital to the financial performance of your firm, it’s far from cliché to say that time management software is “mission critical.”

We know: Our team has been implementing Intapp Time since the day it launched. And we understand the complex interplay between Intapp Time and other software systems, as well as the importance of business processes and facilitating lawyers and staff adoption.

Implementing & Upgrading Intapp Time

We have significant experience executing implementations and upgrade projects across the entire spectrum of Intapp Time solutions, including legacy systems like Carpe Diem and financial system tools from Elite and Aderant.

Migrating to Intapp Time Cloud

Cloud delivery offers greater security, scalability, and faster future innovation, with lower administrative overhead. We help firms navigate the complexities of cloud deployments and integration with internal systems, data and processes.

Integrating Client Guidelines (OCGs)

A leading cause of client payment delays, billing compliance issues directly impact profitability. Whether sourced via a repository like Intapp Terms, eBillingHub or manually configured, we can integrate billing rules effectively into Intapp Time, without disrupting lawyer productivity.

Delivering Expertise That Drives ROI

Whether through a formal assessment of your specific system, processes and data, or an informal advisory session, we can also help you identify ways to get even greater returns on your existing investment in Intapp Time.

That might result in taking advantage of key product capabilities (such as adding custom fields to better track work scope), integrating new data into the system (such as displaying budget data on time cards), or analyzing user entry practices data (to identify lawyers and staff that might benefit from additional, tailored training).